Think Globally, Organize Regionally, Act Locally

Advancing conversations and collaborations

As a subsidiary organization of the larger AAAS, the Pacific Division is specifically focused on issues related to the regional and local practice as well as impact of science.  Accordingly, our efforts range from the nurturing of students and young scientists in their early careers, to forging relationships within and between individuals and organizations around science-related issues of local and regional concern.  As a highly multi-disciplinary organization we also seek to understand and facilitate new trends within and between scientific disciplines, especially again as they relate to science learning as well as the relationship between science and society.

Global Science Issues

Climate Change. Sustainability. What are the implications of truly Interdisciplinary science and technology? How is modern technology transforming the distribution of scientific information including scientific publishing? What will the explosion of  scientific data mean for science and the public? How might citizen science change scientific research? How should changes in the structure and practice of science change science education?