As a non-member (and federally designated) non-profit organization, we rely on outside support to continue to offer the programs  we provide.  Accordingly, we are very grateful for support for our organization at any level. Sponsorship is especially important for students and pre-college science teachers who often do not otherwise have funding to attend scientific meetings.  We are also very happy to receive sponsorship for the meetings social events including our annual banquet at which we hand out student and participant awards.

This document describes the sponsorships we are seeking.

If you are interested in considering sponsoring our annual meeting, with funds or in kind contributions, we would be very happy to hear from you.

You can CLICK HERE to indicate your general interest in the meeting, and if you indicate on the form you are potentially interested in a sponsorship, we will get back to you.

Otherwise, you can also email: [email protected] or you can call our office directly at: 541 499 7502

Thank you in advance for your consideration.