Our 2021 MOVING FORWARD FORUM is focused on scientific academic and research plans in the future.  

Once accepted, your presentation will be in the form of a 1-3 minute video available for viewing by all conference participants from July 16th - 25th.  You will also be able to take part in virtual 'face-to-face' group mentoring sessions on July 24th and 25th with professional scientists and representatives from academic institutions.

In order to apply to participate in the event, you should submit an abstract describing your future academic, research and scientific plans, which will then form the basis for your presentation video (to be submitted after abstract acceptance):  

Why are you interested in this particular type of science?  What are you hoping to accomplish?   Why do you think the research you are doing, or plan to do is important?  How might your project move forward your particular discipline or science in general, or have a positive impact on the world?  How has your experience to date influenced your plans for moving forward?  

We want to know why and how this science motivates you. 

 If you are a high school student, tell us about your future plans and why you have chosen this direction in particular.  What would you like to eventually accomplish and why?  How do you imagine getting there?  What do you feel you can contribute in particular to the advancement of science?  If you have already conducted some research, how has that influenced your future plans?

If you are an undergraduate student not yet directly engaged in research, what research areas interest you and why? How has your academic experience to date influenced your choice of subject and direction?    What kind of research would you most enjoy doing, bench work, field work, etc.  And what types of research techniques most interest you.  Ultimately, what would you like to accomplish?

If you are an undergraduate student already engaged in research, why have you chosen this area of research.  What are the next steps in your research, and how has your research experience to date influenced that choice?  If your choice is based on data you have already collected, tell us how.  What would you like to accomplish in the short term as well as the longer term and what do you imagine to be the next steps in your career. What motivates you to MOVE FORWARD?

If you are a graduate student, why are you doing the research you are doing, and where would you like it to lead?  What are your immediate and longer term prospective plans?  How do you think your research might influence your field, or larger society?  Ultimately, what would you like to accomplish as a result of your research?  What are your future aspirations and how do you plan to get there?

If you are already involved in post-graduate studies, how did you get where you are, what did you learn along the way, and how is that now influencing where you are going?  What would you like to accomplish going forward and how has the research you have already conducted informed those objectives?  Ultimately, what would you like to accomplish and what is its potential impact?

And if you are a citizen scientist, what has motivated you to engage in your scientific efforts?  Where do you see your efforts as a citizen scientist leading?  What would you like to accomplish ultimately, and how do you think your efforts might benefit science and society?  What have you learned as a citizen scientist and how has that influenced what you intend to do MOVING FORWARD?  What lessons learned would you like to share with the larger scientific community?


Your abstract should be concise, well organized, and easy to read.  Other participants will want to understand why you are headed the way you are headed and shat motivates you?   Why it is interesting?  How might your research make a contribution to science in general, society, and our world? Be as concrete as you can, but ok to talk about the bigger implications too.  The abstract should make people want to watch your video and understand the motivation for your plans moving forward.

  • Your abstract should be one paragraph long
  • Your abstract should not exceed 250 words.
  • Please include a presentation title for your abstract, and make it as informative and interesting as possible. This title will be listed in the conference program.
  • Your abstract should not contain formal citations to the published literature, or footnotes.
  • Technical terms and scientific formulas may be appropriate, but avoid using abbreviations to the extent possible (and define the acronyms you use). 

Once accepted to the forum, YOUR VIDEO should represent, in 1-3 minutes, your future goals and directions as well as your scientific motivations, including the potential impact of your work.  Awards will be given based on the clarity and effectiveness of your presentation, its creativity, and its potential for societal impact.

Awards will include travel grants to upcoming scientific meetings.

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